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4 Key Insights from The Hanover’s Small Business Risk Report
The Hanover report analyzes the small business risk landscape and shares valuable insights for small business owners.
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Nine Valuation Mistakes for Business Owners to Avoid
Whether or not a business owner plans to sell or transfer their business in the next few years, obtaining a proper business valuation is critical.
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U.S. economy’s growth slows in May due to inflation and weaker demand, S&P finds
U.S. businesses expanded at the slowest pace in several months, a pair of surveys showed, reflecting the effects of high inflation, ongoing supply shortages and some softening in customer demand.


Download our marketing assets checklist
Use this resource to benchmark how well your marketing assets are working for your firm. An explanation of how to implement each idea follows the checklist.


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Building mental resilience
There are plenty of pressures that come with being a business owner. Keeping on top of mental and physical health, creating balance in your life and allowing yourself the opportunity for rest and downtime is necessary for you to continue to do your best work. We have some tips to keep you on your path.
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Using social media to grow your business
Social media should be part of your marketing mix as it can be a cheap, effective and easy-to-use marketing channel. Read our article to learn how to use social media to grow your business.
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How content marketing beats traditional marketing
Content marketing is a popular trend in marketing circles. While the goal is the same – to promote your business – there are many ways in which content marketing varies from traditional marketing.
Defining ideal customers to target your marketing
Easily the most important first step in establishing any type of business is to define your customers so that you have the information you need to attract the right audience. Understanding your customers and what makes them tick is the key to any successful business.
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Developing an early warning system
The sooner you know something needs fixing the earlier you can remedy the issue and the stronger your business will be. Learn more about developing an early warning system for your business.
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Achieve growth by buying another business
Growing your business through acquisition is an effective method. Doing so by buying a supplier means you’ll reduce costs, enjoy more control and have the opportunity to sell to other businesses – all which gives you a competitive advantage.


Looking for tools & templates for your business?

Our tools and calculators can help you identify solutions to your business needs. Our interactive resources include:

  • Business plans
  • Tips for business growth & management 
  • Infographics to help visualize business opportunities
  • And much more!
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Get capital for your business through Kiva
Startup Waco serves as the Central Texas hub for Kiva, a microfinance lending platform that provides capital for businesses by crowdsourcing funds from people they know! Focusing on character over credit, Kiva allows Wacoans to back each other up and establishes a more financially inclusive community where all people have the power to improve their lives.

Committed to building people, businesses and communities, Extraco Banks is proud to bring the Kiva Waco Hub Powered by Extraco to all Central Texas businesses as a startup lending resource.


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